Men, women and children may wear jewellery. But at what age and under what circumstances can a baby wear jewellery? Parents have always liked to adorn their little one with a birth bracelet. What are the risks involved in wearing it?


In the Old Testament, the humble people of Palestine wore the bracelet in remembrance of God's first covenants with mankind. This jewel was placed at the ankle. Nowadays, the bracelet is diverted from its original use, but its religious value is preserved. It is mainly offered to the baby at his baptism. It marks the child's entry into the Catholic community. The bracelet can be offered as a gift on many occasions such as a birthday, baptism or communion. It can be embellished with charms or motifs. Styles are characterized by their mesh: coffee bean, cannonball, horse, etc. They can be modern, ethnic or traditional. For the raw material, yellow gold, white gold or solid silver are the most used. Several celebrities have helped launch the fashion for adult bracelets. From now on, the bracelet is part of the trendy accessories of the moment.


Over the years, the models of baby bracelets get thicker or thinner according to the trends. This type of jewelry remains fragile. It must therefore be worn with care. It is recommended to adjust it to the baby's wrist. Links can be added as the child grows. For babies under a year and a half, it is advisable to have them wear their bracelets only on special occasions, until they can pay attention. This precaution will at the same time prevent damage to the jewellery.


Decorating your baby with a baby chain bracelet involves threats. The child has a natural tendency to put his hands in his mouth. He can choke on the jewelry, especially if it is not properly closed. In principle, baby chains must be manufactured according to very strict standards. They must be durable. The raw materials must also be of good quality to avoid the risks inherent in certain products. If they are not well chosen, they may have properties that are not very beneficial to the health of toddlers. Some jewellers do not hesitate to issue a certificate of guarantee of conformity for their products. This helps to make consumers aware of the potential risks associated with wearing their jewellery. In addition, all articles intended for children must normally undergo numerous safety tests before being placed on the market.