Shortly after the birth of a baby, in the Christian tradition, baptism is unavoidable. It is also a stage that marks the life of the child. Like birth, baptism is a family event as well as an opportunity to invite family and friends. And often, the godfather offers a jewel, usually a bracelet, with the baby's name on it. But a jewel engraved with the child's portrait is also a good present to offer, because of its originality.


Engraved jewellery is always a much appreciated accessory, not only as a Christmas gift, but also as a christening gift. The category therefore includes a wide range of high-quality products that stand out with different materials (more fancy silver metal, silver, gold) and different shapes (star, plate, heart...). Some jewels are even adorned with rhinestones or illuminated Swarovski stones of your choice (ruby topaz, emerald, garnet...). Would you like to offer a jewel engraved with a christening? Wide is the range that is offered to you in order to give you the possibility to mark the blow and to add emotion to your gift. The personalization can be done by engraving a portrait of the child by micro percussion or by a text (the date of the baptism, a short message, the first name of the child...), in order to bring the particularization you are looking for.


As part of this quest for an idea for a jewel engraved with a christening, even more original pendants are now available in specialist shops. If you want to offer a piece of jewellery other than a necklace, let yourself be tempted by bracelets or, if you want, why not, earrings (with the child's photo printed on them). Quality and refined, make your choice among the different jewels made by the greatest care of professionals, in order to offer you complete satisfaction. Give the child a unique accessory of incomparable beauty. A jewel engraved baptism is a good gift idea for this special event.


There are many ideas for customization. There is, for example, the transformation of the child's drawings into an original jewel. The child's portrait, fingerprint, date of birth or first name can also help in personalization. A cute motif on a pendant or on the traditional bracelet to be offered at the christening is also a good idea. The bracelet, which is particularly timeless and timeless, is becoming more and more popular with parents. It can also be offered for all occasions, and not only as a christening gift.