Silver Jewellery


What’s the punch for the money? Would you like to give yourself or someone close to you an extraordinary object for a special occasion? How to find the best silversmith? An essential parameter is to recognize the true from the…

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Caring for Silver Jewellery: Manuals for Use

Silver jewellery is one of the preferences of the French. Indeed, the use of this material goes back thousands of years in the making of war ornaments, medallions or even in weaponry. Nowadays considered as a synonym of elegance and…

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Does silver jewellery go black?

In silver, gold and even costume jewellery, no one wants a piece of jewellery to oxidise and blacken. Yet this phenomenon is very common, if not inevitable. However, there are a few methods to delay this problem, but also to…

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How do you know if the jewellery is silver?

Silver jewellery is highly appreciated because it is made to last while the price is within everyone’s reach. Moreover, its health benefits are numerous. Nevertheless, at the moment, with the offers that abound, it is often difficult to distinguish the…

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What’s sterling silver?

Since the earliest times, rare and precious metals have been of great importance in the lives of human beings. They make up most of the objects we use every day. In this guide, you can get some information about one…

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