Lithotherapy jewellery

Lithotherapy jewellery : the health benefits of the obsidian stone

itho therapy, a theoretical method, implies that stones can communicate and have the potential to improve one’s well-being once they get close to such stones. One of the significant stones considered as the heart of this discussion is the obsidian…

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What types of conditions can lithotherapy treat?

More and more people nowadays prefer to turn to unconventional medicine to treat themselves. Some doctors prescribe unconventional medicine to their patients as a complementary treatment. Lithotherapy is one of those alternative medicines that have been gaining popularity in recent…

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Cleaning and purification of lithotherapy stones

The stones used in lithotherapy contain extraordinary powers. However, over time, they gradually lose their properties and can even change colour. Regular maintenance is therefore essential. But when and how? What are the most effective techniques? When to clean a…

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Properties and virtues of amethyst

Amethyst, this purple-coloured quartz stone, has many virtues. It gets its colour from titanium, iron and manganese. It is very often found in Uruguay, the Urals, Madagascar, India, Canada, Brazil and South Africa. Discover here the properties of this stone….

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The colors of the stones and their symbolic meaning in lithotherapy

Natural stones have their virtues. Some people wear them or adorn the jewellery they put on. They have healing or problem-solving powers. Everyone has his belief, since some also think that the colors of the stones each have a symbolic…

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Properties and virtues of Rose Quartz

Rose quartz, very famous as a stone of appeasement and love, brings incredible health benefits. It acts on the whole body and regulates ills on the physical, sentimental and even spiritual level. The details. Rose quartz: a fascinating stone! Because…

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