If in the past we used to judge only by gold jewellery, this is no longer the case today. Indeed, many people choose gold-plated jewellery for various reasons. First of all, it is not a big budget to buy gold-plated jewellery. Second, they are as durable as gold. And, there are jewels of all shapes and sizes and there is something for every taste.

What is gold plating?

As everyone knows, gold plating is the reproduction of gold. It's a way to fashion a piece of jewellery with the same attention to detail but at a lower cost. Thanks to this method, real gold jewellery can be reproduced in gold-plated or even magnified. There are no limits in the manufacture or creation of gold-plated jewellery. Gold-plated jewellery can be worn by women and men at any age. Gold-plated has been borrowed from goldsmiths and jewellers to be able to create beautiful jewellery at a lower cost and of good quality. Jewellers also use the Gold Filled technique where they work on copper to create jewellery in the same kind as gold-plated.

The differences between gold-plated and real gold

A beautifully cut and well-plated gold-plated jewel can be mistaken for a real gold jewel. This is one of the advantages of gold-plated jewellery. A successful plating can well be real gold from a distance and for less experienced eyes. Also, what makes the difference between gold-plated and real gold is the hallmark. For the precious metal, this mark is tiny and indicates the number of carats of the jewel. The gold-plated one is square and bears the initials of the manufacturer. One can also notice the numbers 20, 18, 14, 10 which indicate the number of carats of gold used. The hardness of the metal is used to identify gold jewellery. To do this, biting lightly into the metal can leave slight traces. On a gold-plated jewel, you will not see this trace as the alloy and plating makes the metal harder and heavier. Finally, over time, gold-plated jewellery can tarnish. This will not happen with gold jewellery. But with proper care, gold-plated jewellery can withstand the test of time and other inconveniences.

Choosing to wear gold-plated jewellery

The advantages of a gold-plated jewel is to be able to wear a beautiful quality jewel without ruining yourself. This is also the primary motivation for buying a gold-plated jewel. The maintenance of gold-plated jewellery can be done by yourself. In fact, many world-renowned designers have started creating gold-plated jewellery. Another advantage is that wearing them is more secure. Contrary to our eyes, thieves recognize real gold from plating. Gold-plated jewellery offers more choice in shape, size and style, not to mention that there is a certain amount of real gold in gold-plated jewellery. For fashionistas and those who love change, the less eternal the jewel, the more new jewellery is available. The advantages of gold-plated jewellery are many, including the financial aspect. The easy maintenance of this type of jewellery is also taken into account. Then there is the embarrassment of choice. Many people choose gold-plated jewellery for these reasons and for its practicality in everyday life.