More and more styles, fashions and trends are becoming part of the world over the years. Certain styles are becoming more integrated, gaining ground, falling into oblivion, and finally coming back into fashion. This is the case of Bohemian fashion. Once upon a time, it already existed and made history. And today, Bohemian-style clothes, accessories and jewellery are favourites, especially for souls thirsting for freedom. But what does Bohemian and hippie style really represent? Why not discover its origins and history?

Bohemian style: a way of life

The Bohemian style is not a simple style like the vintage style for example. It is really an ideology and a lifestyle. It is a fashion that embodies freedom and joie de vivre. Indeed, this style was born in the 19th century, when a revolution was brought against the bourgeoisie and everything it embodies. Bohemia is about promoting joie de vivre despite poverty. It emphasizes that joy and freedom do not derive from material things and luxury, but rather from an open mind. Bohemia suggests that even in the absence of material things, one can still enjoy life. Once a person has adopted this lifestyle, he or she will also adopt the Bohemian style in the way he or she dresses, looks, and even in the way he or she decorates his or her home.

Original Style

Bohemian style represents freedom without limits. This style is both chic and original, and is popular with souls thirsting for freedom. Some people have even been inspired by this style to create their own way: the hippie style, the Liberty style, the Gypsy style or the Indian style. These are in a way related styles, all of which are symbols of freedom and joie de vivre despite the lack of material goods. Celebrities have been icons in Bohemian and hippie style, including the actress Brigitte Bardot, the singer Janice Joplin and the famous singing group The Beattles.

Bohemian style jewellery

It's very fashionable to wear Bohemian-style jewellery these days. With their thousands of colors and their wild style, Bohemian jewels make a lot of hearts beat. In addition, designers are constantly adding more beauty and originality to their designs, for example by adding little touches of luxury. Find the accessories that suit you: Bohemian style bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc., and enter the world of freedom in all its forms!