Stones and crystals can be worn because of their beautiful appearance, elegance or brilliance. They are certainly fashionable and very much in demand as fashion accessories, but these stones also have multiple virtues beneficial to man. Each stone has its own specificity, luck bearer, protector, hunter of evil spirits... What are these stones and what are their powers, a list to help you to know their benefits.

Stones hunters of evil spirits

Everybody's afraid of strange phenomena. Just by seeing them on television in horror movies, we may have trouble sleeping or be afraid to go to the toilet alone in the dark. Don't panic, the stones come to the rescue. Ruby, one of the gemstones best known for its fiery red colour like fire and blood brings courage. As danger approaches, it warns the wearer by darkening. Amber, a fine stone of transparent to translucent colour, scares away evil spirits by its smell. Agate is also well known for its protective properties and exists in different colours. Discover the minerals that bring happiness and luck in everyday life.

Love stones and good luck charm

Every person's dream is to find a soul mate and live happily ever after. This is quite difficult because of multiple obstacles. But the stones and crystals of lithotherapy bring good luck are numerous. Rose quartz, a pale pink to dark semi-transparent mineral, is known to bring luck in love. With its soft colour, it relieves stress and gives self-confidence. Citrine is made for people who like to try their luck in games. Belonging to the quartz family, its pale yellow colour brings joy, and reinforces ambition and the thirst to win.

The healing stones

We are used to believing that only medicines can cure and soothe diseases. Strange as it may seem, stones and crystals also have healing properties. Amethyst, a purplish-coloured mineral, has therapeutic properties. It relieves migraines and muscular pain by putting it on the affected area. Carnelian, quite particular, helps more precisely women. It soothes menstrual pain to the touch, and treats kidney and liver disease. It helps to eliminate bad toxins from the body.