In many cultures, the wearing of jewellery by men was a mark of power, wealth and belonging. Today, many men wear jewellery, which are mostly fashion accessories. They have more choices of jewellery to suit their lifestyles.

Jewellery and men in history

For some, jewellery has a feminine connotation. For others, they are superfluous accessories. Whereas in history jewellery has been worn by both women and men. They are a mark of wealth, power and virility. At one time, jewellery was worn by pirates, punks and gothics. Fortunately, as things have changed, jewellery by men is no longer considered out of the ordinary. Also, choosing a man's jewellery should no longer be a headache.

Men's jewellery

There are almost no rules for wearing jewellery in men, it all depends on style and personality. Still, there are some codes to respect and choose jewellery according to the events. Men can adopt stacking while respecting the harmony of the jewels. A style must be assumed, and it is not uncommon to see men wearing several rings on one finger. You have to be careful of faux pas fashions. Depending on taste, choosing metals such as gold or silver is not a problem. Gold is much more flashy and goes better with tanned complexions. Silver would be more suitable for paler skin tones. The more stylish and brave will add another touch of fantasy to their jewellery by wearing it with stones. This gives a more distinctive and distinctive effect to the outfit and style.

A jewel for a type of man

Choosing a man's jewellery is to make it according to the taste and style of the man to whom you want to give a gift. A classic man will inevitably like a signet ring or a fine bracelet, but with an assertive style. The materials will be chosen according to shape, purity and beauty. The sportsman will opt for practicality and elegance. He is a man who likes beautiful shapes, but in all simplicity. The materials are rather rough and elegant at the same time. The jewel he prefers would be a sober and simple ring. The rock man will love leather and steel. He will opt for jewellery with strong graphics. He is a man who likes to mix materials and styles. Choosing a man's jewellery will be done according to his personality and style. There are types of men with jewellery and others who will like them a little more finesse and more discreet. Jewellery is no longer reserved for women, but can be by everyone.