Silver jewellery is one of the preferences of the French. Indeed, the use of this material goes back thousands of years in the making of war ornaments, medallions or even in weaponry. Nowadays considered as a synonym of elegance and modernity, its use has become a real trend in the world of fashion. Brilliant, very malleable, supple and easy to work with, it makes it a highly prized element by luxury jewellery manufacturers. More discreet and less flashy than gold, it also offers a multitude of virtues to its owner. But since silver tends to darken over time, the question often arises as to how to care for this type of jewellery.

Clean your silver jewellery regularly

The jewellery reflects the personality of the wearer and asserts his or her style of dress. Like all materials, they wear out over time and lose their lustre. To remedy this, there are many simple and effective techniques for the care of silver jewellery. For your accessories to be well preserved, it is essential to clean them regularly, at least once a year. This in order to avoid tarnishing, which is the main cause of the decrease in shine of silver objects. In case it tarnishes, you can buy products specially designed to remove this kind of dirt in specialized shops or even in pharmacies.

Use simple products to clean them

The maintenance of silver jewellery is not at all difficult and expensive. To guarantee you a better cleaning of your fashion accessories, you can opt for natural products that are simple and effective without ruining yourself. Like lemon for example, which gives a satisfactory result. To do this, take a soft brush and soak it with lemon juice. Gently rub the silver to remove limescale and don't forget to rinse at the end of the operation.

Tidy up your silver jewellery

Storage is also a very important step to ensure the integrity of your jewellery. Indeed, oxidation does not spare any material whether it is gold, silver or other. To remedy this, keep your silver jewellery away from certain products such as detergent or chlorine that could harm them. Indeed, silver jewellery maintenance is an easy task. You can just put your precious items in a cloth or a box and that's it.