Silver jewellery is highly appreciated because it is made to last while the price is within everyone's reach. Moreover, its health benefits are numerous. Nevertheless, at the moment, with the offers that abound, it is often difficult to distinguish the real from the fake. So what are the tricks to recognize a silver jewel?

The advantages of silver jewellery

First of all, silver does not oxidize or change colour in contact with water. In addition, it is easy to maintain. A few natural tricks are enough to make it shine again. Also, in terms of aesthetics, silver jewellery can be personalised ad infinitum, and guarantees you a better longevity despite its low cost. In terms of health, silver is a powerful antimicrobial agent. It helps the organism to fight against infections and to prevent certain common diseases such as colds and flu. Finally, silver changes colour when it comes into contact with toxic chemicals.

Techniques for checking whether or not a piece of jewellery is silver

In general, a precious metal jewel is decorated with a hallmark. The 925 punch is the most commonly used. This means that the silver concentration is 925 g per 1 kg of the material. The Minerva's Head and Mercury's Head punch also guarantees a minimum concentration of 925/1000. The letter V indicates that the silver is coated with 5 microns of yellow or white gold. Besides that, the easiest way to recognize silver jewellery is to use a magnet. Indeed, this material is not magnetic, so it must not move when passing the magnetic source. Otherwise, you can also take a container filled with water and coarse salt. Put your money in it for a few hours. If it changes colour, it is not a silver jewel.

Tips for finding good quality silver jewellery

To buy with confidence, it's best to go to a reliable jewellery store. On the web, you can also find specialized sites that offer a wide range of silver jewellery. If you've fallen in love with a model, first check the reputation of the provider by consulting the opinions and comments of other customers on the products sold. Testimonials will give you a small glimpse of the quality of the services. Then, read carefully the details of the item (weight, concentration rate...) as well as the conditions of sale in order to avoid unpleasant surprises (return and refund conditions, delivery time and costs, etc.). In any case, buy your jewellery only on a reputable and recommended platform. It is a pledge of security.