In silver, gold and even costume jewellery, no one wants a piece of jewellery to oxidise and blacken. Yet this phenomenon is very common, if not inevitable. However, there are a few methods to delay this problem, but also to help the jewel regain its lustre.

What are the reasons for blackened silver jewellery?

Oxidized silver jewellery is a very convenient phenomenon. It's a chemical reaction that doesn't only affect jewellery. Especially since at present other metals are mixed with silver, especially to make it easier to use. This material alone is too soft. Contact with air alone is enough for it to oxidize.

Some methods of prevention

Since oxidation occurs much of the time because of oxygen, store the affected jewellery under a plastic bag. In a jewellery box, or in a silk pouch. Usually, when you buy a jewellery accessory, a box and a cloth are already provided with it. Thus, it is necessary to polish and clean the jewellery regularly as a preventive measure. Also avoid too frequent contact with water, such as the pool or the sea. The same goes for perfume. Indeed, silver is a compound that does not tolerate humidity. But it is also possible to apply a layer of rhodium on the jewel to prevent oxidation.

What if the jewel is already black?

Even if precautions are taken, a piece of jewellery is never safe from oxidation. If it has become black in the meantime, don't panic, it is still possible to give it back its lustre. Moreover, there is no need to have professional products. Thanks to different products that everyone at home can use, a jewel can regain its original colour. The best known product is baking soda. Simply take a used toothbrush and pour a little baking soda on it. You can even use toothpaste. Same method for lemon, cut out a slice of lemon and rub the jewellery with it. Whichever method you use, rinse with clear water and then wipe with a soft cloth. But more original methods also exist. This is the case of cleaning with white vinegar and beer. In a container, soak your jewellery in one of these liquids. Leave it in until the jewel regains its shine. However, you can entrust your most precious jewellery to professionals to avoid problems.