The engagement ring deserves special attention because it is a symbol of love. Giving an engagement ring to the person you love means that you have chosen the unique person who makes your heart beat. After you have chosen the ideal person who will spend the rest of your life by your side, then comes the proposal. The proposal is a unique moment in the life of a couple, as it proves the maturity of their love and shows their commitment to each other. This proposal is always accompanied by an engagement ring that the future husband offers to his chosen one by kneeling down in front of her. But how to choose a jeweller who goes with such a symbolic piece of jewellery? The metal, the size, the stone... All these questions must be asked in order to dazzle her soul mate. Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice.


The reason you propose to someone is probably because you know them well enough. Their behavior, hobbies, tastes and habits. Choosing a jeweller requires a great deal of involvement on the part of the man in guessing the tastes of his future wife, so the aim is to surprise her. A few clues can be seen by looking at her daily outfits. If she wears jewellery, does she prefer gold or silver jewellery? Does she like simple and discreet jewellery or imposing jewellery? And as far as stones are concerned, does she love diamonds or coloured stones? allows you to find shops next door to you. The symbol of your love deserves this puzzle, because she will wear this jewellery for as long as possible.


After identifying the choice of the bride-to-be comes the choice of metal. There are different metals such as silver which is economical, gold with different colours such as pink, yellow, grey and white. White gold is the choice of most women because it brings out the diamond and it harmonizes with all skin types. Its price varies according to the degree of carats, fourteen or eighteen carats. And platinum, the most expensive metal. As for stone, women fall in love with traditional diamond because it is among the most expensive, shiny and durable gemstones. Otherwise there are other stones like sapphire, ruby, emerald...


Regarding the stone, women are impressed by the traditional diamond, because it is the most precious, the most brilliant and the most durable stone. Several ring shapes are available, the famous solitaire, a timeless style by putting only one stone on the ring. The trilogy of three stones, the double pavé, as its name suggests, doubles the number of diamonds surrounding the main stone. Concerning the price of an engagement ring, it depends first of all on your budget. It is useless to spend all your fortune or to make a loan for a ring even if it is a symbol of love, only feelings prove true love.