Two people who decide to enter into marriage begin their proposal with the offer of the engagement ring. The arrival of this moment is preceded by a long period of preparation. It is not easy to prepare the most beautiful day of the life of the one you have conquered. An engagement ring is very expensive, especially if you want to surprise your better half. Some people really plan a small budget for the purchase of this beauty that will adorn your lady's hand. But what budget should you set aside for an engagement ring?


The engagement ring price is long overdue. It's not just a small sum, but you've already saved it for a long time. Once you arrive at the jeweller's, you have a wide choice of rings that you will observe well. It used to be just a simple ring, but nowadays it's decorated with diamonds. Don't go into debt when buying the ring, don't go beyond your means even if it's for the chosen one in your heart. The important thing is the value of what you offered her. This ring only marks your commitment to the one you love.


The price of the ring depends on a few criteria such as: the metal they used to make it, the dimensions and number of diamonds present on the ring. The place where you bought it, because the price of the same ring is not the same for two different places like a luxury jeweler and a simple supermarket. From the person who made it like a famous designer or a simple craftsman, the quality of the diamonds, because there are some stones that have the same name but different prices because of the quality. But it also depends on your budget.


A ring between 100 and 500 euros, you can buy it with a carat from 9 to 18, you should also think about looking in simple supermarkets for a budget like that. A ring from 1000 to 2000 euros, you have the choice to go to a shop or supermarket or even a luxury jeweller: you have a range of rings to buy with this kind of money. Between 2000 to 5000 euros, you can ask the opinion of a designer and have a beautiful diamond ring. If it's more than you think you'll spend, then you'll have a top-of-the-range ring with all the values that go with it.