The wedding ring is a sacred jewel exchanged between the newlyweds to symbolize their eternal and reciprocal love. Made from the metal of his or her choice, the wedding ring exists in several models and sizes. The choice of wedding rings is then very subjective and depends entirely on the tastes, but also on the personality of each one. However, there are some common criteria to be considered in order to find the best model.


The covenant represents an eternal feeling. It must therefore last as long as possible to play its role and to further strengthen the bonds between the bride and groom. To find a wedding ring of very good quality with a perfect longevity, choose the right metal. Silver, platinum, gold-plated or gold are the most commonly used metals for wedding rings. However, most of them are fragile and require a lot of maintenance. If you want to choose strong, elegant and practical wedding rings, go for the gold ones. However, the alloy of gold is important to make the ring strong and durable. 18K gold is then recommended rather than 24K or 9K gold which can easily deform or refine. It is also recommended to find jewellery shops on near you.


Since you are going to wear your wedding ring for life, choose a model that fits your personality, but also your lifestyle. Choose between the rush, half rush or ribbon style. If you work a lot with your hands, choose a larger ring. Otherwise, a stylish, thinner ring will be much better. You can also keep the style simple, or combine it with gemstones to make it even more beautiful. In the latter case, diamond is highly recommended. Also think about personalizing your wedding ring with engravings and finishes of your choice. Don’t hesitate to try on your wedding ring in the shop and get professional advice if you have any doubts.


The colour of the ring should be chosen according to your complexion. If you are fair-skinned, choose pink gold. For dark skin, yellow gold is recommended. It will bring out a beautiful contrast of colours. If you want a versatile colour, opt for white gold. However, palladium white gold is cheaper than rhodium-plated white gold, because it is intensely white and also has a brilliance that remains unchanged over time.