Rose quartz, very famous as a stone of appeasement and love, brings incredible health benefits. It acts on the whole body and regulates ills on the physical, sentimental and even spiritual level. The details.

Rose quartz: a fascinating stone!

Because of its visual appearance and its transparent pink colour, pink quartz is one of the most attractive stones to be found anywhere in the world. It consists of crystals, clusters and sometimes hexagonal crystals. Rose quartz belongs to the families of silicates and is relatively resistant. On the Mohs scale, its hardness is fixed at 7 and its density is estimated at 2.65. Around the Bronze Age, this stone was used as a rite and was used for offerings in the Middle East. It has long been linked to the heart, love and feelings. With time, more and more civilizations used quartz and nowadays it is used in many fields such as jewellery, industry or lithotherapy. The virtues of rose quartz stone are very varied both on a physical level as well as on a spiritual and emotional level.

Surprising contributions on the physical level

Rose quartz provides extraordinary physical benefits. It acts on the whole body, improves the functioning of the adrenal glands, promotes the elimination of toxins and acts on the kidneys. This stone of Aphrodite balances frustrations and sexual impulses. It regulates menstrual cycles and endocrine disorders. It is therefore beneficial for fertility. Rose quartz also acts on the cardiac system. Indeed, it strengthens the heart and moderates blood pressure. As for wrinkles, superficial burns or haematomas, small effleurages on the affected areas are enough to make them disappear. Rose quartz also works against asthma, coughs and colds.

Rose quartz: stone of the heart and love

Rose quartz is well known for its soothing properties on an emotional level. Indeed, this stone brings calm and love and attenuates all negative energies. It helps to overcome phobias, stress, anger, trauma and all other bad emotions. Being a stone of love and heart, rose quartz acts on self-esteem and amplifies energy. In addition, this stone also stimulates imagination and creativity and amplifies feminine qualities. On the spiritual level, rose quartz acts on the "Anahata", the heart chakra. That is why it is advisable to wear a bracelet made of quartz beads on the heart side.