Natural stones have their virtues. Some people wear them or adorn the jewellery they put on. They have healing or problem-solving powers. Everyone has his belief, since some also think that the colors of the stones each have a symbolic meaning in lithotherapy. People combine these two criteria, such as the faith they have in the virtue of the stones and the meaning of the colours to move forward in life.

Red, blue and yellow: the so-called primary colours

The primary colours are those that do not require mixing to get them. They form all the colours of the spectrum. First of all red, which indicates the dynamism, courage and strength of the wearer: it symbolizes fire and blood. Blue symbolizes the sea and the sky: it associates in the person spirituality, the sky and materiality, the sea. Yellow is the colour of gold and the star that illuminates us during the day: it symbolizes intelligence and happiness. To find out more, discover what natural stones can do for you.

Orange, green and purple: a combination of two colours each.

These three colours are each composed of a mixture of two primary colours. Orange is the mixture of red and yellow, and symbolizes friendship and spontaneity. Few people wear this colour. Green is the mixture of yellow and blue. It symbolizes softness and harmony, for people who love cyclical life, such as the growth of plants. Purple is the mixture of red and blue. It symbolizes reflection, mystery, dream; for people who want wisdom. Apart from these two categories, there are other colours and symbols of stones.

Other interesting colours

White marks purity, knowledge, intelligence, stone of translucency: innocent people are the ones who wear them. Grey is the mixture of black and white: it symbolizes nuance and compromise. Black is rather the colour of death, of darkness, but some people still wear them as a kind of protection. She is reassured by putting black stones on her jewellery. Silver is the brilliance of the color grey, and symbolizes discretion. Finally, gold, which is the bright yellow shine, symbolizes wealth both in material and in spirit.