Amethyst, this purple-coloured quartz stone, has many virtues. It gets its colour from titanium, iron and manganese. It is very often found in Uruguay, the Urals, Madagascar, India, Canada, Brazil and South Africa. Discover here the properties of this stone.

Amethyst in lithotherapy: virtues and properties

Amethyst has a purifying and soothing virtue. The stone promotes meditation, concentration, calms insomnia and relieves stress. For the mind, it is very beneficial, it helps to find serenity and balance. It sharpens the intelligence and dispels evil spirits. In lithotherapy, amethyst virtues are very sought after, especially by lovers of crystals and stones. Frequently worn as a necklace, it has the power to frame psychic energies. Moreover, using this singular stone as a mediating element increases the chakras. Amethyst helps to get rid of fears, addictions and migraines. It is used to improve the general nervous state. Click here for more details on the virtues and properties of lithotherapy stones.

The virtues of amethyst against physical ailments, migraines, headaches and stress

For physical ailments, the person receiving treatment will be asked to hold the stone in his hands during the session. The healer will then place the various amethyst stones to the different parts of the body to be treated, including the lungs and heart, in general. Against migraines as well as headaches, the stone is to be placed on the forehead of the person lying down and closing the eyes. To prevent headaches, yellow amber and amethyst should be carried on one's person. And in order to relieve stress and restore the nervous system, spending a few minutes every day to take advantage of the power of amethyst can help you a lot. Even children can benefit from the virtues of amethyst, especially those who suffer from temper tantrums.

The virtues of amethyst against skin problems

Amethyst can offer you as much as it does its positive influence against skin problems. So, take advantage of the amethyst virtues by wearing this stone on you if you have acne or boils. On the most affected areas, you can apply it every day. For people with shingles, keeping an amethyst stone on them can cure them. To do this, place a good-sized stone next to the bed. In the case of burns, amethyst can be applied for pain relief and to speed up the recovery process. Finally, to heal an abscess, you can apply amethyst.