More and more people nowadays prefer to turn to unconventional medicine to treat themselves. Some doctors prescribe unconventional medicine to their patients as a complementary treatment. Lithotherapy is one of those alternative medicines that have been gaining popularity in recent times.

Lithotherapy: treating yourself with stones

Lithotherapy is one of those medicinal methods which are not yet accepted by modern science, but which nevertheless has many followers. Stone healing is indeed common in the mores of many people. It is all the more an ancestral discipline that is already very popular among the various ancient civilizations. They relied on the healing properties of stones and raw minerals to heal themselves. Today, to heal thanks to lithotherapy, it is enough to get in touch with the French leader of health stones who can advise everyone on the type of stone that is most suitable for him.

A medicinal treatment to relieve various ailments

Lithotherapy is thus based on the healing power of stones, which all have different properties. Lithotherapy does not only aim to heal the body, like conventional medicine. It also heals the mind. Because of this close relationship between body and mind, lithotherapy remedies may not have the desired effects on people with negative preconceptions. However, the stones act on physical as well as psychic ailments. Insomnia, digestive disorders, loss of vitality, migraines... lithotherapy can bring a solution to all these evils by rebalancing the energy. The main thing is to choose the right stone, to be precious or semi-precious.

Lithotherapy: to each disease its stone

Those who wish to care for themselves or take care of themselves on a daily basis should wear natural stone jewellery adapted to their needs. It is also possible to arrange the stones under the pillow or to keep them in a pocket, but these solutions are not very practical. Hence the need to wear them in jewellery. The body and mind will draw from them the necessary energy to allow the wearer to regain harmony. Among the stones most used in lithotherapy are rose quartz and amethyst. The first one helps to enjoy a better sleep. It calms the mind while fighting against negative emotional states. The amethyst represents as for him a true anti-stress. It helps to become more serene again, but also to be better concentrated.